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1 innovation framework of interest

I typically follow the software space closely. I have incorporated several concepts from these techno
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
1 innovation framework of interest
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #41 • View online
I typically follow the software space closely.
I have incorporated several concepts from these technology companies into my previous firm and I admire the focus they tend to have on the customer journey and experience.
And I’m not the only one either.
I did a recent podcast with leading cloud accounting firm in North America, Acuity, and at 40:28 one of their founders spoke about how they continue to innovate by studying spaces that are innovating faster than accounting.
So it’s natural that some of the content I share with you is being produced by software companies for software companies. Still, the concepts are applicable to firms.
In this software-oriented article on the 11 frameworks for innovation, the very first framework for innovation, “disrupt”, stuck out at me where it was described as such:
“True disruption happens in a market where the incumbents have stopped innovating and there’s pent up demand for something new. This pent up demand causes both a shift in perception and a shift in market share from the incumbents to the new challengers.”
I believe this is what we are starting to see now in accounting.
There is absolutely pent up demand for something new right now. Your clients do not want the same tried, tested and true approach to accounting, audit and tax. And the incumbents have not been delivering it.
This is why the cloud accounting firms are growing so much faster than others, this is why I’m betting that QuickBooks Live will make a splash with its modern bookkeeping platform (yes, Intuit now offers bookkeeping services) and this is why accounting tech-startups are raising a sh*t load of cash.… all are challenging the incumbents who don’t see to understand what makes a client tick these days.
In #1 below, I continue on this point.
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Now, on to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5:

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5) Go App Crazy
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