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224,823 million views in 14 days

Have you heard of BTS? Until I saw them perform on Saturday Night Live 2 weeks ago, I hadn't. BTS are
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
224,823 million views in 14 days
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #21 • View online
Have you heard of BTS?
Until I saw them perform on Saturday Night Live 2 weeks ago, I hadn’t.
BTS are a Korean pop (K-pop) band where 95% of their music is in Korean, yet they have taken North America by storm.
So much so, their new song has generated over 100 million YouTube views in less than 36 hours and currently have racked up 200m+ views in 2 weeks.
For a group that speaks & sings in Korean, why are they so popular in Western society?
Here are 2 reasons, which can be viewed as take-aways for your firm:
1) Your customers crave something different & new (it’s in our human nature).
2) The world is continuously getting smaller.
There is a lot of change happening in the world of accounting. New market entrants. New technology. New expectations.
Customers are seeking new service experiences and you’ll soon have firms offering services not just nationally, but globally.
Let BTS serve as a reminder that competition is changing and that it’s important to innovate your model to stay competitive.
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Now on to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5.

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5) Questioning AI
Xerocon San Diego - June 18-19
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