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Accounting Services on Mars

Last week on Linkedin I posted that being a cloud firm is no longer a differentiating factor. A buddy
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Accounting Services on Mars
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #15 • View online
Last week on Linkedin I posted that being a cloud firm is no longer a differentiating factor.
A buddy of mine, Will Lopez (who’s doing some pretty great stuff on Youtube), chimed in saying:
I think we need to go higher than the cloud in order to differentiate, possibly a "space firm”???
So then I joked that since Mars is soon being colonized, an inter-planetary service offering may perhaps soon be the new differentiating factor among firms.
Back to being serious, many are looking to join the cloud space now, but being cloud is no longer enough to differentiate a firm.
When I first started my firm, being a cloud firm was enough of a "wow” factor to get clients signed up with relative ease.
No longer is this the case as competition has intensified with so many cloud firms popping up, all sporting the “we’re cool accountants” look and feel, subscription pricing model and similar apps being used.
And when you see the Big 4 joining in, it’s like your parents joining Facebook.
To avoid commoditization, differentiation of your firm once again needs to take place.
Let’s get into that in this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5:

1) How Can You Differentiate?
2) Ticketing Systems are Da Bomb
Three Reasons Tickets are Essential for Any Service Business
3) Just Get Your Sh*t Done
Work Is About Results, Not Location
4) Trends Among the Top 100
The 2019 Top 100 Firms Trends
5) Chat with Your App
Keeper Tax
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