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Alexa. Please look at my client data.

Last week news broke that Amazon employs thousands to listen in to the voice commands that you send i
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Alexa. Please look at my client data.
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #19 • View online
Last week news broke that Amazon employs thousands to listen in to the voice commands that you send in to its artificial intelligence personal assistant in order to help train the technology to be more accurate.
I think it’s hardly surprising that someone is actually able to listen in on these things.
But in this day and age, we trade in privacy for convenience.
I make that trade-off, but what happens when you make the trade-off for your clients?
AI is already prevalent in the accounting space and chatting to your accounting software is already possible today.
The question becomes, who is able to access & view your clients’ sacred private financial data to help train the AI?
“Something else I would recommend would be to read the privacy policies & terms of service of any cloud software company that you intend to work with, usually found on their websites, to see how they will treat your personal information.”
In the case of Amazon’s Alexa, the terms of service do state that they are able to act in the way that they have. The issue is that most people don’t read them.
As AI evolves, it’s important to think about the impact that this now has on your client’s data and their privacy.
Without further ado, on to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5.

This Week's Top 5
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