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Are you a professional skeptic?

Last week I had the pleasure of being featured on one of my favourite accounting podcasts out of Aust
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Are you a professional skeptic?
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #22 • View online
Last week I had the pleasure of being featured on one of my favourite accounting podcasts out of Australia for my article discussing whether these new accounting tech startups could overtake your firm.
The only problem is that I was featured on the “worst on ground” part of the podcast for apparently over-hyping things (starts at minute 15:38). All in good fun since I have known Paul Meissner from the podcast for many years now and he is known for his call outs.
So am I over-hyping things? That’s for you to decide…
But let’s get one thing straight: accountants are trained to be professional skeptics. If you want a reason for why the accounting profession has lagged behind in innovation, this is it.
Professional skepticism = an attitude that includes a questioning mind; it is an opposing force with innovation.
Recognizing that professionals like you are trained to be skeptical, part of my job here is to help you challenge conventional thinking and to give you a glimpse of where the world is heading and how it could affect your firm.
You draw your own conclusions with this information :)
With that, on to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5:

1) The Technology Leaders
The 2019 Best Firms for Technology
2) Managing Without Timesheets
3) Big $$$
4) Get Your Groove On
5) Go Remote
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