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Tomorrow I officially step away from the firm that I created in 2013. I created a cloud-based firm fr
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Big news
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #42 • View online
Tomorrow I officially step away from the firm that I created in 2013.
I created a cloud-based firm from scratch, grew it and then went through one of the toughest decisions of my life when I sold it late last year.
Since the acquisition I have been helping Equiom, the buyer, to transition things over, which officially comes to an end tomorrow.
It’s been an emotional year for me.
Saying goodbye to clients, the team and essentially the company that I helped grow with my blood, sweat and tears was not always easy over the past year, but it’s a decision that I am completely at peace with.
Working up to the decision to pull the trigger on the sale was incredibly hard as I was faced with many forks in the road, just like you when you operate your own business.
Many paths, many opportunities.
Which one do you take?
No matter how much analysis, it’s impossible to know. So that’s why my best piece of advice is to just jump, trust your gut and see where things take you.
My gut told me that it was time to move on and try new things. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with Future Firm.
Now, my full time job becomes helping you with your firm and to help you create a future-proof model that stands the test of time in the face of changing technology, changing client expectations a changing workforce.
So let’s go!
And now, to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5:

1) What's Next for Cloud Accounting?
The Next Evolution of Cloud Accounting Apps with the CEO of FreshBooks
2) A Leading Example
3) Step by Step Innovation
4) Spot On
5) Get Found on Google
Automate Your Bookkeeping + Add Capacity
Botkeeper has an awesome offering to help your firm easily add an automated bookkeeping service line and to seamlessly add precious bookkeeping capacity. With the latest in artificial intelligence being used, peep Botkeeper’s Accounting Partner Program to see how their platform can help your firm grow.
Learn From The Best
Kenji Kuramoto leads Acuity, a 80 person cloud-accounting firm. How does he stay ahead of the pack? On my podcast he told me, “I speak to firm owners every day.
If you’re not doing that you should head to a Xero Roadshow near you to not only learn the latest in cloud accounting but also have a chance to network with your fellow firm owners and leaders. To register for free:
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