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Do you know Bugha?

Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Do you know Bugha?
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #35 • View online

He’s a 16 year old that just won $3 million last week…
For what you ask?
For winning the Fornite World Cup.
Yup, the kid won $3M playing a video game.
With more than 40 million people trying out for a spot in the World Cup, a jam packed stadium came to watch finalists from around the world battle to the death in this uber popular game. See for yourself:
At 36 years old, I think I’ve reached an age where some stuff in pop culture just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t get a lot of the new music coming out, I don’t understand certain styles and I certainly don’t understand why you would want to watch someone else play a video game.
You might feel the same way.
But even though I don’t have a deep understanding of gaming and why people love it so much, it’s something you cannot deny, nor can you ignore the opportunities around it.
There’s a difference between not understanding trends and flat out ignoring them. Many in accounting are guilty of the latter. All the more better for your competition…
I remember I met with some partners of a top 10 firm in Canada many years back and when they found out that I was into bitcoin and was taking on these kinds of clients, their immediate reaction was,
We will never touch that!!!” (yes, exclamation marks required).
Fast forward to 2019 and this very firm has a crypto and blockchain department, years after the earlier entrants, like the Big 4 and other niche firms, have already made their mark.
I guess the lesson is, don’t be so quick to dismiss something just because you don’t understand it, for most of the time, those are the areas of opportunity worth exploring.
And now to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5:
1) Market Target
Creating an Authentic Appeal to Your Niche Clients
2) CAS To The Future
3) Wake Up Call
4) Automation Pitfall
Automation is great. We can bill faster, do more quicker, get things in the door more easily and jam a whole lot more data into your system with the push of a button. But throughout this, are we forgetting about one critical component? The people bit.
Geni Whitehouse, well known in the space, seems to think so. In this brief video she gives her thoughts about how to avoid falling into this trap and has a great (but simple) tip at 5:20 in this 8 minute video.
5) Level Up
Anything you would like to see differently from Future Firm Weekly Top 5? More of this? Less of that? Longer? Shorter? More videos? Separate emails that perhaps do a deeper dive on subject matter of interest? I’d love to hear from you. Just respond to this email with your thoughts :)
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Ryan Lazanis

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