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EY releases free innovative software

When's the last time you've heard about the Big 4 giving anything away for free? Ummm, never? But on
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
EY releases free innovative software
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #26 • View online
When’s the last time you’ve heard about the Big 4 giving anything away for free? Ummm, never?
But on May 31, EY released some open-source software to the world. Open-sourcing means that the code is publicly available and those outside of EY can contribute towards it and to use it for their own personal purposes if they like.
The software in question is highly technical and pertains to the blockchain world. I won’t get into what it is and how it works here.
While some may question why in the world EY would give this away for free, this is actually a very smart move.
1) This is an interesting model for securing new business in a fast moving space. This software will be used as a foundation for certain blockchain services for EY’s corporate clients.
2) This is fantastic advertising for the digital age. It demonstrates thought leadership on EY’s part and has helped to develop an an online community. Here’s just one online discussion happening on reddit with posters praising EY for the move.
3) Open-sourcing will get others to contribute to their newly released code (for free), therefore making it more valuable for their corporate client services. Genius.
This move also demonstrates the importance of merging services with software & technology, a trend that is likely only going to intensify.
For only the most tech savvy, you can peep the open source code that EY released here.
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