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In a world of robots, automation & artificial intelligence, we often get wrapped up in how much o
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #30 • View online
In a world of robots, automation & artificial intelligence, we often get wrapped up in how much of our job we can automate.
But in all of this, we forget about one absolutely critical thing in the service sector.
A human touch.
Customers and your team still want, value & need this.
I was reminded of that last week when our 100% remote team flew into Montreal for a 2 day retreat (critical for remote teams by the way).
Twice a year we get together for dinners, drinks & activities. Yes, we “see” & “speak” to each other daily through Zoom and Slack, but a bit of that human touch is still missing.
We get our fix during the retreat and we came out of it a much stronger team. It’s unbelievable the positive vibe & increased team spirit you can get from a bit of a human touch.
Yes, technology is super important to weave into your business model, but so too is a human touch.
While I’m a big proponent of fully virtualized work, it’s important to not ignore the importance of a human element in the age of technology.
How are you incorporating a human touch in your firm at the moment? Shoot me off a message with anything unique that you’re doing.
And now to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5:

1) Cutting Through The Hype
How Self-Learning Technology Will Empower Accountants
2) H&R Block Building the Next Accounting Uber?
A few weeks back, H&R Block acquired cloud accounting software company Wave for $405m USD. Of greater interest to me though is that some in the industry think that H&R Block might be building the next Uber model for bookkeeping.
I initially took note of this when I interviewed Jamie McDonald (co-founder Hubdoc, GM at Xero) at Xerocon 2 weeks back (jump to the interview lower down in this article here) where he mentioned H&R Block when I asked him about his thoughts on the Uberization of the profession.
Similarly, David Leary of the Cloud Accounting Podcast interviewed Rich Preece of Intuit, who is heading the QuickBooks Live project with their own attempt to Uberize bookkeeping services (my take on that here). Rich seems to think along the same wave length. You can catch his thoughts here at 18:54 of the interview (and the rest of the interview is great as well).
With Xero & Intuit both insinuating that this may be the direction things are heading in with H&R Block & Wave, I am watching this very closely.
3) Rise of the Robots
4) 87% of Buyers Rule You Out Super Early
5) Small Firms Doin' Their Thang
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Ryan Lazanis

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