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It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...

... no, not superman... But thanks to Elon Musk's new project, Neuralink, it might be a new kind of s
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #33 • View online
… no, not superman…
But thanks to Elon Musk’s new project, Neuralink, it might be a new kind of super hero accountant that you just may see in a few years time.
Musk took 18 minutes on stage last week to formally introduce the project that will see a chip surgically implanted into your brain to connect it with the internet in order to help your brain “achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence.”
Testing on humans will begin in 2020.
Cool. But also a bit scary.
While we are likely many years out from something like this actually panning out, it’s interesting to think how this kind of technology could alter the role of accountants in the future.
For instance, imagine having an entire Tax Act in your brain to draw on for quick lookups at all times? Would tax professionals even have any value at that point?
What about being able to connect your brain with your cloud accounting system to calculate KPI’s on the fly?
I guess my only question is, will Xero or QuickBooks Online be the first to integrate into your brain?
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