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Like father, not quite like son

My father used to own a print shop. So it's only natural that his son opened a 100% completely paperl
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Like father, not quite like son
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #13 • View online
My father used to own a print shop. So it’s only natural that his son opened a 100% completely paperless accounting firm :)
But when I started Xen Accounting 6 years ago, actually, one of my first purchases was a filing cabinet. I thought that this was a necessity of any firm. But I quickly saw that this filing cabinet was completely useless and just sat there empty. Everything I did was online, so there was no need for paper.
Fast forward 6 years, since I have been so far removed from the paper-based world of accounting, I am shocked that there are firms out there still dealing with the cost and inefficiencies of paper.
What sparked this thought process was an article I saw last week talking about dismissing the popular myths for not moving to a paperless model for small firms.
To me going paperless just seems like such an easy win towards moving towards the digital transformation of your business and towards improving efficiencies and reducing costs. Get started on this now…
On a completely separate note, we surpassed 100 subscribers on this newsletter last week after only a short period of time. An important milestone for me and I want to thank all of you for signing up.
My goal is to give you all a very quick debrief each week of the information you need to evolve your firm into the future. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!
Let’s get to the Future Firm Weekly Top 5…

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2) Recruit Like a Tech-Startup
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3) A Podcast on My Journey
4) Customer Experience is Where You'll Win
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5) A Race to On-Demand Accounting Services
Where CPA firms can find remote freelance accountants
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