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My best piece of advice

Jump. Sometimes you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone and just jump in feet first. This
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
My best piece of advice
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #39 • View online
Sometimes you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone and just jump in feet first.
This is especially important in the age of transformation currently occurring in the accounting space which requires you to try new things.
Whether it’s about rolling out a new piece of technology in your firm or starting a YouTube channel, moving out of your comfort zone is Hard with a capital H.
I provide mentoring to one of my readers who was faced with a decision recently to become partner at a large (traditional) national firm or to go out on his own and start his own modern firm from scratch, an idea he had on his mind for some time. An extremely tough and uncomfortable decision. One move was safe & predictable, while the other move had many unknowns.
He took the jump and quit the very day we spoke.
Another reader of mine is worried about putting herself out there online when it comes to social media, blogging and all the other good stuff that you need to do to find clients these days.
Trying something new can be scary. I understand.
I was personally nervous about what people would say about this newsletter when I started it. I delayed on starting podcast for months on end (Apple Podcasts just approved me, so we’ll see how you react to it once it’s out shortly). And I was petrified of selling my firm, Xen Accounting, last year.
I get it.
We accountants are calculation machines. We need a formula with a conclusion for everything we do to feel comfortable.
But change and innovation go contrary to this notion because some things you just can know until you try it. And from there you can weave your path and adjust.
So whenever I’m asked for my best piece of advice for entrepreneurs, it’s just that: jump.
And now to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5.

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4) A Digital Brand in 6 Steps
5) There's An App For That
Road Trippin'
Xero is taking to the road and is coming to city near you to show you how automation is possible in your firm. Throughout October & November, there are 18 US dates and 13 Canadian dates for you to check out. Registration is completely free, so don’t delay.
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