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Nanny, please don't print this...

Yup, my grandmother (Hi Nanny!) is a reader of Future Firm Weekly Top 5. There's just one thing... Sh
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Nanny, please don't print this...
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #31 • View online
Yup, my grandmother (Hi Nanny!) is a reader of Future Firm Weekly Top 5.
There’s just one thing…
She prints out these newsletters each week to read them.
Sometimes when we’re so used to doing something for a long period of time, it’s tough to break the habit.
My grandmother grew up in a time where everything was totally paper-based, so obviously her natural instinct is to print out documents and read them later, even if it’s an email, just like this one.
While you likely don’t print this email out (I sure hope not!), you likely do have some habits at your firm that probably need breaking in order for you to realize certain efficiencies.
It’s a good idea to take a step back and recognize some of the things that you have been doing for a long time that may be causing you lost time and then consider how you can break the habit.
With that, I would like to ask my grandmother:
Nanny, please don’t print this newsletter anymore :)
P.S. My grandmother also tells me that she doesn’t quite understand what I’m talking about when I bring blockchain & artificial intelligence in this newsletter, but perhaps I’ll have to teach her!
Now let’s get to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5:

1) 3 Steps to Level Up Your Software
Innovation for Small Firms on a Budget
2) QuickBooks is Hiring... Bookkeepers
3) (Cost) Pressure Cooker
4) Workforce Evolution
5) Unlimited Services for $25/Month?
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