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Sounds familiar?

As you know, I often like to highlight new challengers to incumbent businesses to show how change is
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Sounds familiar?
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #43 • View online
As you know, I often like to highlight new challengers to incumbent businesses to show how change is necessary to stay competitive.
In the credit card space, Visa & Mastercard have long been the reigning champs.
But now we have some new kids on the block.
Payment processor Stripe, tech-startup Brex (now valued at $2.6B) and software/hardware maker Apple are all examples of companies that are rolling out their own credit card products to challenge the big dogs.
What are they offering?
Cooler features and an easier experience.
As Stripe says in its press release:
“Many of the existing solutions for managing business spending simply aren’t well-suited to modern internet companies: they require lengthy applications, take time to implement, and add yet another service or integration for companies to manage.”
Brex, another example, pairs its credit cards with slick software that can allow employers to monitor spending, give you real-time expense reporting, has the ability to set permissions on a per card basis with regards to how much that employee can spend and on which kind of expenses and more.
Visa and Mastercard aren’t even close when it comes to that.
In a monthly fintech newsletter I receive, it was noted that the software that these new players are implementing alongside their credit card products are “likely to pose challenges for traditional corporate card issuers, which have already been slow to digitize the onboarding process.”
Sounds familiar?
While the example highlighted is in the credit card space, the same concept applies to accounting.
And now, to this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5:

1) Get Out and Socialize
How to Determine the Best Social Media Platform Based on Your Niche
2) Automation Consolidation
3) An Example of Smart Marketing
4) Stay on Your Game
5) Still Hungry for More Automation?
Become a Cloud Accounting Expert
One of the ways that I stay up to date with the latest market trends and technology is by attending forward-thinking industry events. With Xero bringing you roadshows to 13 different Canadian cities and 18 different US cities, there’s really no reason why you should not take a few hours to attend to hear about the latest developments, news and tips in cloud accounting. Registration is free.
Easily Add Automated Bookkeeping Services
Botkeeper has an awesome offering to help your firm easily add an automated bookkeeping service line and to seamlessly add precious bookkeeping capacity. With the latest in artificial intelligence being used, peep Botkeeper’s Accounting Partner Program to see how their platform can help your firm grow.
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