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Time to ditch your physical office?

This past week there was a passionate exchange on my Linkedin post that described the pain I endured
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
Time to ditch your physical office?
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #6 • View online
This past week there was a passionate exchange on my Linkedin post that described the pain I endured while reading an article about why a virtual office doesn’t work for CPA’s (article here). It was painful for me because I know a lot of successful firms out there absolutely rocking it with a 100% remote workforce. So this article did strike a nerve with me, especially since the tone sounded like something from the accounting firm model of the 80’s or 90’s. And those that chimed in overwhelming felt the same.
From my personal experience, I have started a firm that was 100% centralized and moved towards 100% remote in the span of 1 year. Not only does it work better on many fronts, but I would also never turn back.
In this day and age, with some exceptions, clients want an easy service experience and employees want freedom & flexibility. A remote model helps to serve these 2 purposes. Let your customers connect with you from wherever and allow your team the freedom to get their job done where they want.
In my opinion, an office location is an inconvenient hassle for your customers and team. Perhaps my view is a bit extreme, perhaps there is some middle ground, but forcing your clients and team to report to your office is only going to drive employees and customers away as demand for an easy customer experience & employee flexibility and freedom intensifies.

1 - Moving to a virtual firm: What to consider
Fundamentals of the truly virtual CPA firm
2 - Innovation is key for employee attraction/retention
How to Attract and Retain the Top Talent in 2019
3 - Traditional firms moving into the future
BeachFleischman and GMLCPA create completely virtual firm
4 - The gig economy begins in the tax world
TurboTax's new commercial pairing their software with live CPA's
TurboTax's new commercial pairing their software with live CPA's
In an article I wrote about the upcoming accounting firm trends over the next 5 years, one of them being the start of the gig economy for accounting & tax professionals and I believe we are starting to witness the start of this with Intuit starting to pair on-demand CPA’s with their TurboTax tax prep software. As such, we are beginning the see what some call the Uberization of the accounting profession. Some are worried, but remember, this is only a threat if your firm doesn’t advance with the times.
5 - Content marketing is still king
Content Marketing Trends in 2019
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