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What accountants can learn from Trump

All political views aside, Trump is really good at one thing: personal branding. For as long as he ha
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
What accountants can learn from Trump
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #27 • View online
All political views aside, Trump is really good at one thing: personal branding.
For as long as he has been around, he has branded himself as a real-estate billionaire mogul and there is no doubt that this has greatly helped him throughout his business & political career.
If done right, personal branding provides you with trust & credibility amongst your targeted audience. There’s no doubt that this has helped Trump and it can help accountants & bookkeepers like you as well.
In an industry that sees professionals like you handling your clients’ money and finances, trust is paramount, so if you can instil trust & credibility earlier on in the client relationship, it makes the relationship that much stronger and it also makes it easier to bring in & close business.
Luckily for us, personal branding is no longer a very difficult thing and you can get started on building a personal brand online pretty easily.
I elaborated on this on a recent post on Xero’s blog and I’ll be presenting on the topic of personal branding and how you can get started at Xerocon in San Diego on June 19 (Day 2), so check your schedule and come join me. It will be in the exhibition area silent disco style. Should be pretty cool.
Still not confirmed for Xerocon? Grab your discounted ticket here!
Side note, I’m currently at AICPA Engage this week. If you’re at either event and want to say hi, just shoot me an email.
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