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What Will Smith & Your Firm Have In Common

Saturday morning I like to ease into the weekend (before typically writing this newsletter). One of t
Future Firm Weekly Top 5
What Will Smith & Your Firm Have In Common
By Ryan Lazanis • Issue #18 • View online
Saturday morning I like to ease into the weekend (before typically writing this newsletter). One of the things I do first? Check out YouTube of course!
For the past year or so, I have been particularly intrigued with Will Smith, though I never put much thought into it why. He has continually been popping up in my YouTube and Facebook feeds with some short vlogs (video blogs), where he has been constantly, but subtly in my face.
This particular Saturday I was watching Will Smith’s Facebook video of him in India learning how to Bollywood dance (quite a good watch and if you have 20 minutes to spare you can check it out here).
Then it hit me.
Will Smith is an actor that went through a digital transformation, completely in tune with the digital age that we are living in. He understands that the landscape has changed with how he connects with his “customers” and he now uses technology & the internet as a tool to reach his market, which just so now happens to be 5 million YouTube subscribers and 77 million Facebook followers.
We are living in a new era of internet business at the moment. No matter what line of work you are in, whether you’re an actor, a plumber or an accounting firm, businesses need to adapt by going through a digital transformation, use the latest technology, leverage the internet or get left behind.
Now let’s jump right into this week’s Future Firm Weekly Top 5 :)

1) Bot This, Bot That
Accountant creativity in a bot-filled world
2) Trends From The Motherland
Top 6 Worldwide Accounting Trends
Top 6 Worldwide Accounting Trends
Australia and New Zealand are known for being a few years ahead of the world when it comes to applying forward-thinking principles to a firm model. So Patti Scharf, co-founder of Catching Clouds in the US, a niche e-commerce focused firm, took a trip there to get the inside scoop and came back with 6 general trends that she has been able to come away with. At 8:02 I like what she has to say about the state of accounting apps.

3) Another Trend From the Motherland?
4) Too Important to Ignore
How A Cyberattack Transformed My Bookkeeping Firm
5) Sometimes Slacking Is Good
How enterprise social media like Slack can improve well-being in the workplace
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